Our Story

Small town values

There’s something about small towns that embrace the definition of community. While growing up in Battleford, Saskatchewan, our founder learned the importance of volunteering and supporting community-minded local businesses from his parents. In small towns, community-based capitalism rules. Through word of mouth, it is easy to know who the “good” companies are and bring volunteers together to support community causes together with the business community. It is these values that form the foundation of Volinspire.

Kelowna: The First Volinspire Community

After 100 changes to designs of Volinspire (and 1,000 cups of coffee), a pitch was made to Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union. Based on shared values, they agreed to become our first community partner. The City of Kelowna, Prospera Credit Union, Interior Savings, KCR and United Way followed. The first Volinspire Community was born. Volinspire communities are now being formed in several communities in BC. Our hope is that the Volinspire model expands across Canada.

Be Part of our Story; Let's Do this Together!

As Jackie Mutcheson said, “It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us”. Whether you are a business, a non-profit, a volunteer, or a donor, we hope you will engage with our platform and join us on the mission of helping to build stronger and more connected local communities right across Canada.

Our Commitment to Communities

As a Community Contribution Company, after paying fair wages to our employees, a minimum 50% of our profits will go back into the communities we serve. The rest of the money will go back into improving the software and investing in the overall company. We are a social enterprise that is committed the value of putting people before profits and our #1 goal is help strengthen the communities we serve.

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Volinspire is a Community Contribution Company