Our Mission

Our mission is to foster and recognize volunteerism and corporate citizenship in our local communities. Volinspire brings volunteers, charitable organizations and businesses together on one platform with a common goal of building a stronger community together.

We believe:

  • As citizens, our health, happiness, and security depends on the strength of our community.
  • Volunteers are the lifeblood of any community and should be appreciated for their service.
  • Businesses and their employees can be and should be a force for good in our communities.
  • Businesses who demonstrate a strong commitment to our community and the environment should be recognized for their actions.
  • Businesses should support, encourage and reward employees for their efforts related to good causes.
  • Consumers should reward community minded companies through our purchasing decisions.
  • We should try and leave our community and world a better place for our children.


The heart of our community

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Volinspire is a Community Contribution Company