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Registered Charities • Not for Profits • Volunteer Centres • Sports Teams • School Groups

"21% of volunteers don’t return because of a lack of appreciation."
– Volunteer Canada

Recognize Volunteers

  • Recognize and reward top volunteers
  • Give testimonials and endorse skills
  • Use volunteer spotlight templates to recognize contributors
  • Use your dashboard to measure your volunteers’ impact & engagement

Streamline Communication & Management

  • Real-time messaging with volunteers or groups
  • Invite and connect with new or existing volunteers, businesses and donors
  • Easily create events and post positions; 1-click sign-up for volunteers
  • No more spreadsheets! Automate the tracking of volunteer hours

"54% of Canada’s 161,000 charitable and nonprofit organizations rely solely on volunteers to fulfill their missions and that 57% of organizations have difficulty recruiting the types of volunteers they need"
– Imagine Canada, 2006

Recruit Volunteers

  • Recruit volunteers with specialized skill-sets
  • Access a list of interested volunteers; conduct outreach campaigns
  • Increase reach: friends, family and colleagues can be invited to participate
  • Streamline the due diligence process by accessing volunteer profiles

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Just some of the things our happy Non-Profits have to say about Volinspire

The ability to match a volunteer based on their skills, in addition to their preferred causes, is invaluable to help find the best position for the volunteer and the agency. Also, the program has been easy to use and I even found something I’d like to volunteer for!

Volinspire greatly assists us in connecting with our volunteers, and helps educate our community about the opportunities and the great work our volunteers and charity perform.

Getting volunteers to help run critical community programming can be extremely daunting on its own; Now there is an easy and fun way to do it! Volinspire is the connection that our community desperately needed and having software like this is an Absolute Gamechanger!

Increase Branding & Awareness

  • Showcase your organization’s profile and the impact you make
  • Gain exposure from new donors & supporters
  • Empower volunteers to share your story
  • Integrates with your social media accounts

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Strengthen Business Relations & Increase Donations*

  • Engage donors and businesses in cause marketing events
  • Recognize businesses using testimonials
  • Endorse skills of employees
  • Increase donations through Dollars for Doers

* Businesses must be users of Volinspire

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