Data Sharing Policy

Last updated: March 4, 2016

All Users

As a user of the Volinspire platform, you are in control of who can see information about you. You can choose to share your volunteer record on other social media platforms, by email, or keep it to yourself. You can find a link to and see a preview of your volunteer record in your Account Profile page.

All direct messages sent within the Volinspire system are always private between the sender and recipient(s).

Stories and posts you make on organization pages are always public unless otherwise stated. Every post made by you will always include your name and profile picture with it. When you are volunteering for an event or position you will have the option to share your name and profile picture on the event or organization page you are volunteering for. Additionally, you will be in control of what happens when another user clicks on your name or profile picture. You can allow other users to link to your volunteer record from your profile picture or you can choose not to link to your volunteer record with Volinspire.

Volinspire may group your anonymous volunteerism and profile data with other local users to create reports about the good work being done in your community.


If you have listed an employer who is a participating business in the Volinspire system then your volunteer record, email address and full name will be shared with that employer. Your verified hours and donations will also be included in your employer’s volunteerism and donation totals.


Any organization you are a member of, such as a customer of a participating business, or as a student at a participating school, will have your verified hours and donations included anonymously in their membership reports. Any organization you are a member of will have the ability to contact you directly through the Volinspire platform but the organization will not be given your email address.


Any charity or event that you apply to volunteer for will be granted access to your volunteer record, including your full name, email and contact details. The administrator of that organization will be able to send you a direct message through the system or contact you using the contact details you provide on your profile.

Whenever you donate to a charity your donation details are shared with the donation processor so that a charitable receipt can be issued by the processor or the charity.

Organization Administrators

All system users will be able to see the business profile and a summary of the good works of all of your employees and members. All system users will be able to see any posts or events your organization creates or any posts made to your organization page unless they are set to be viewable only by the organization.

Volinspire is a Community Contribution Company