This is where doing good is really good business.

Engage your employees, inspire customers and help strengthen your community.

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Community & Customer Engagement

  • Enhance your brand; get recognized for your company's community efforts
  • Receive testimonials from charities
  • Engage the general public (customers) in your company's cause marketing efforts
  • Create a visually appealing company profile showcasing your corporate giving
  • Direct customer acquisition opportunities through embedded offers
  • Integration with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

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“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”
– Simon Sinek

Employee Engagement

  • Enhance internal brand with employees
  • Recognize and reward top employees (your brand ambassadors)
  • Develop team-building initiatives in conjunction with cause marketing efforts
  • Track skill development of employees
  • Use for recruiting and retention too!

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What’s the connection between employee engagement and volunteering?

A recent study found that 87% of employees who volunteered with their companies reported an improved perception of their employer. More importantly, a whopping 82% felt more committed to the organization they worked for – RealizedWorth

Engaged Workplaces

2X higher customer loyalty, 2X higher productivity, 2X lower turnover

- Jonathan Pont

Our Growing Customer List


Just some of the things our happy customers have to say about Volinspire.

Not only are your employees working and networking with others in the community, they are being recognized for doing so. Everyone is a winner and the best part of all is we become a stronger, more connected community – people helping people

I look forward to the journey that Interior Savings has embarked on with Volinspire.

I have gotten my daughter to sign up and there are some areas close to our hearts that we are excited to get involved in together!

Getting started with Volinspire is super easy. If you’ve ever set up any kind of online profile, Volinspire is a piece of cake. We were able to set up our company profile and get employees on board in less than 10 minutes!

I was very impressed with Volinspire and how easy it was to interact with. Logging volunteer hours is simple, as is finding new volunteer opportunities. Overall, Volinspire’s approach to recognizing volunteers and connecting the community is a fresh way of doing things!

I believe that Volinspire has the breadth to elicit and support capacity building in our communities; provide employees with leadership opportunities; and communicate the impact we, as a caring company, contributes on an ongoing basis.

Volinspire has given me the ability to efficiently manage our volunteer program. It has truly streamlined how we communicate with our employees—and they love how simple it is to get connected and started on Volinspire! I can connect with, recruit and recognize employees all with one click of a button.

Volinspire is an excellent platform for increasing corporate-wide engagement in community-driven events and volunteering positions. Employees can see what others in the community are engaged in and feel a sense of community and drive to become involved.

Community is one of our core values at Prospera Credit Union and being able to share volunteer opportunities and activities on Volinspire will allow us to expand our impact and make an even bigger difference through increased engagement with our members, our employees and our communities.

Software that gives back. Help us build stronger communities.

  • We are a Community Contribution Company; a social enterprise; hybrid between a for profit and non profit
  • Help foster volunteerism in our community, especially amongst students
  • A minimum of 50% of profits are donated back to the community
  • Family members and friends can use the same platform

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