Data Sharing Policy

Last Updated: 2020-03-17

Do Some Good Community Contribution Company Inc. (“DSGCCC”, "us", "we", "our") operates the website and mobile applications (the "Service", "Do Some Good" or the “Platform”). This Data Sharing Policy is to be read in conjunction with the Do Some Good Privacy Policy.

All Users

As a user of Do Some Good, you are in control of who can see information about you. In your Settings & Privacy, you can select whether your Do Some Good Profile (your “Profile”) is private or viewable by the public. You can choose to share your Profile on other social media platforms, by email, or keep it to yourself. You can find a link to and see a preview of your Profile in your Settings & Privacy.

All direct messages sent within the Platform are always private between the sender and recipient(s).

Stories and posts you make on organization pages are always public, unless otherwise stated. Every post made by you will always include your name and profile picture with it. When you are volunteering for an event or position, you will have the option to share your name and profile picture on the event or organization page you are volunteering for. Additionally, you will be in control of what happens when another user clicks on your name or profile picture. You can allow other users to link to your Profile from your profile picture or you can choose not to link to your Profile .

Do Some Good may group your anonymous volunteerism and profile data with other local users to create reports about the collective good work being done in your community. Your personally identifiable information will not be available in these reports.


If you are connected to your employer who is a participating business on Do Some Good, then your Profile, email address and full name will be shared with that employer. Your verified hours and donations will also be included in your employer’s volunteerism and donation totals. If you have chosen to keep your Profile private, it will remain inaccessible to all users on the Platform, including your employer.


If you choose to identify as a customer or member (or similar relationship) of an organization on the Platform, such as a customer of a participating business, or as a student of a participating school, your verified hours may be included in their membership reports. Such organizations will have the ability to communicate with you directly through the Do Some Good platform, but the organization will not be given your email address.

If you have chosen to make your Profile private, these organizations will not be able to view your Profile. Anonymous information about your verified hours will be accessible by the organization, but it will not have access to your personal information, or be able to link you to the anonymous information.

Charitable/Non-profit Organizations and Events

For any charitable or non-profit organizations, and events or positions that you apply to volunteer for, the associated administrator will be granted access to your Profile, including your full name and volunteer history. You will have the option to share your email address for each volunteer opportunity you apply for.. The administrator of that organization will be able to send you a direct message through the Platform.

Submitting Forms and Applications

Should you submit a form or application to a business or organization as a donation, community grant request, volunteer application or any other type of submission created by a business or organization on the Do Some Good platform, all of the data you submit in that form will be available to the recipient of the submission as long as they maintain a profile on our platform. A link to your publicly facing user account will be included with the submission as well.

Organization Profiles

All Platform users will be able to see the profiles of any businesses on Do Some Good, and a high level, anonymous summary of the good works of the employees and members of the business. Platform users will be able to see any posts or events a business, non-profit or charitable organization creates, or any posts made to the organization’s profile, unless the posts or events are set to be viewable only by the organization.

Business Transfers

We may share Personal Information (as defined in our Privacy Policy) with our affiliates, service providers, or organizations involved in any possible merger with, or acquisition of DSGCCC. We will notify you 30 days prior to such a change of ownership or control of your Personal Information.

If we ever make the decision to share customer Personal Information with third parties for reasons other than those indicated in this Privacy Policy, we will notify you ahead of time, and we will not share your information without your consent.

Information Security

We use industry-recognized safeguards that meet federal standards for the protection of your Personal Information. Please see our Security Description Document for more about our security protocols.